Store Hours
Monday - Saturday   10:30am-8pm
Sunday   11:30am-7pm


     We offer caterings of any size for any event, from an office meeting to a wedding. There is no catering or delivery fee, and we do not automaitcally add a gratuity (tipping, while greatly appreciated, is at your discretion). Delivery, set up and retrieval of equipment is included.

Here's a list of what we offer for caterings:

♦ Sandwich platters (includes garnish tray)
♦ Soups by the crock
♦ Bulk salads
♦ Potato bars
♦ Taco bars/taco salad bars

♦ Pulled pork sandwiches
♦ Hot beef Sandwiches
♦ Veggie trays
♦ Cheese, salami, and cracker trays
♦ Chips

♦ Pickles
♦ Bottled water and drinks
♦ Cookie trays
♦ Pies
♦ Ice cream by the pint, quart, and bucket